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What We Do

Retail Support and Wholesale

Looking to add some great quality and delicious Fairtrade fruit to your produce section. Contact us and we'll get you set up with fruit and marketing support!

Sustainable Packaging

All single banana stickers at Longo’s locations use PURE Labels for 100% compostable labels, made by Elevate Packaging. We love our planet and want to ensure we make sustainable choices in our packaging. We’ve eliminated all unnecessary stickers on our banded fruit in an effort to minimize waste. This will divert nearly 12 million stickers from landfills in the first 12 months.

Support for Fairtrade Groups

Is your Fairtrade campus, town or group looking for support? Contact us and we’ll get you what you need for your promotion and events.

Fairtrade Education

Along with carrying great quality Fairtrade produce, we also offer training for staff and consumers on the business of fairtrade.

In the Media

Click here to learn more about Canada's growing trends in ethical consumption, specifically Fairtrade!

The Globe and Mail

Organic Produce Network

Fresh Plaza

Success Stories

Our Certifications

Canadian consumers have less trust in brands more now than ever before. Partnering with credible certifications like Fairtrade bridges that gap by ensuring that supply chains are build with transparency and accountability in mind.

Fairtrade Certification

Fairtrade Canada is a national, non profit fair trade certification organization, and the only Canadian member of Fairtrade International.

Eco Cert Certification

Ecocert Canada is Equifruit’s organic certifier. They work in the field to guarantee compliance with specific production, processing and distribution standards on organic food.

Partnership in Protection

Partners in Protection (PIP) is a cooperative program between private industry and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) CBSA aimed at enhancing border and trade chain security. It is designed to streamline and make border processes more efficient for low-risk, pre-approved businesses recognized as trusted traders, to enhance the integrity of their production, transportation, importation and/or exportation processes.


"From farmers to consumers, Equifruit's passion and compassion are inspiring."

Pfenning's Organic

Distributor in Ontario

Excellent quality

"The quality of the fruit is exceptional. Even at a slightly higher price than organic products, IGA customers are looking for Equifruit bananas because of this high quality and fair trade combination. I am confident that this partnership will continue to grow while continuing to align with Sobeys' sustainability vision."